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I’d like to attend Kinus, but my parents cannot attend. Can I still come?

National Boy Scouts requires all Cub Scouts and Webelos scouts to be accompanied by an adult for each camping trip. The Kinus is at a very large campsite with hundreds of kids, and the staff cannot be responsible for each and every child.

Each scout attending the Kinus must have some adult who is directly responsible for them.  Boy Scouts may get permission from their Troop Leader, and may use their Troop Leader as their responsible adult, if their Troop Leader agrees. If a scout is attending without his parents, guardian or troop, he may contact the Kinus Chairman at [email protected] for arrangements.

We strongly encourage Cub parents to attend and make the Kinus a family affair.

We love the camaraderie with our fellow Jews, the beautiful environment, and the fun activities that take place during the Kinus. It’s a chance to meet the old friends from all over the Northeast who attend the Kinus each and every year. It’s the chance to see the excitement in our children’s faces when they accomplish something while having fun at the same time.

*All adults attending with Scout age (5th grade and up) units must be registered with BSA
**All adults attending Kinus must have a current valid Youth Protection certification.


Can Girl Scouts come too?

Unfortunately, due to changes in BSA policy, only registered Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts can attend Kinus.


Can I bring my iPhone/Android/Tablet etc?

Yes and no…

No – we don’t want you playing electronic games. There’s simply no reason to. It’s just not the regular environment where you would normally play such a game — such as when some teacher or parent droning on and on how you don’t listen to them and you always have your nose in your phone.

This is a fun and exciting place with lots to do. If you’re too busy texting or playing games, you might miss seeing some exciting wildlife like a bear! Besides, there’s no WiFi. The 4G coverage is nonexistent, and you’d be lucky just to get a cell phone signal at all.


We do want to encourage you to take pictures (but not on Shabbat). And, we realize that most people now use their phones as their cameras. So…

You can bring your cellphone or iPod Touch and use it as a camera. Please don’t text or play games. If you do, we will redirect you to another activity.

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