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Can Girl Scouts come too?

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Of course! This is a Kinus for all Jewish Scouts — both Boy and Girl Scouts.  Just like the Boy Scouts, we encourage the entire family to come and enjoy our Kinus.

Although we will have special activities planned specifically for the Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts are more then welcome to attend any of the activities that the Boy Scouts are on.

If you are part of a Girl Scout Troop or Group, please talk to your leaders about getting your whole group to attend. You can contact our Girl Scout Program Chair for more information at [email protected].

And, of course, Senior Girl Scouts are more than welcome to teach a session, and we appreciate any Girl Scout helping us with setting up either Kinus. We’ll be more than happy to give you community service credits your high school may require.

Please contact the the Kinus Chairman at [email protected] for more information on helping out.

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