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Can I bring my iPhone/Android/Tablet etc?

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Yes and no…

No – we don’t want you playing electronic games. There’s simply no reason to. It’s just not the regular environment where you would normally play such a game — such as when some teacher or parent droning on and on how you don’t listen to them and you always have your nose in your phone.

This is a fun and exciting place with lots to do. If you’re too busy texting or playing games, you might miss seeing some exciting wildlife¬†like a bear!¬†Besides, there’s no WiFi. The 4G coverage is nonexistent, and you’d be lucky just to get a cell phone signal at all.


We do want to encourage you to take pictures (but not on Shabbat). And, we realize that most people now use their phones as their cameras. So…

You can bring your cellphone or iPod Touch and use it as a camera. Please don’t text or play games. If you do, we will redirect you to another activity.

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