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How long is the drive to Kinus?

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Due to Memorial day weekend traffic make sure you give yourself plenty of time to avoid trying to beat Shabbat for your arrival and set up.
The traffic in beautiful South Central Pennsylvania is usually light, but most attendees are leaving locations where Friday afternoon traffic can be challenging.  Aim to be at Camp by 4 PM and give yourself extra time to avoid anxious worry when traffic does not cooperate.

The 2024 Memorial Day Kinnus will take place at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation in Loysville Pennsylvania. Nestled in the beautiful countryside of South Central Pennsylvania.

The Address for the West End entrance to Hidden Valley Scout reservation is: 268 Hidden Valley Rd, Loysville, PA 17047 GPS location: 40.35277286611817, -77.35430440204405 Copy Plus Google Map code: 9J3W+37 Loysville, Pennsylvania Click here for map and directions:


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