Thank you 2015 Print E-mail

Another year, and another Kinus. We had a wonderful time, and we hope you did, too.

I'd like to take the time to thank all the people who made it possible:

  • The Kinus Committee, who sat there and planned the whole thing for months and months. They spent hundreds of hours to make this year's Kinus so great.
  • The kitchen staff. Their work started weeks before the Kinusim. They had to buy, prepare, and transport the food to Camp Nobebosco. Then, instead of enjoying all the activities, they spent their whole time preparing one meal after another. As we were chowing down breakfast, they were busy working on lunch. When we gobbled down lunch, they got started with supper preparations. During supper, they were busy slicing bagels and preparing cream cheese for the next day's breakfast. And each and every one was a volunteer.
  • The parents and other adults who lent us their expertise to help lead the various sessions.
  • The older Scouts who spent their time teaching the younger scouts the skills they need.
  • All the other Scouts whose thorough enjoyment made the whole thing worthwhile. Plus, they helped us get rid of all that food.

Thanks everyone for attending. Hope to see you next year. Meanwhile, the Kinus committee is already starting to plan the 2016 Kinus. Since Shavuot won't be on Memorial Day weekend, we're aiming for Memorial Day weekend next year.  (When that's official, we'll let you know.) See you there, if not before!

Kinus Photos on Facebook Print E-mail
Ben and Moshe Hamming It Up Before the Camera

Why should you be on Facebook? That's a good question. One answer might be in order to see the latest set of photos from the Boy Scout Kinus. I haven't had time to put the photos on our webpage. That takes a lot of editing. I have to reduce the picture sizes, and once I do that, I do some cropping and adjusting the lighting. But, it was pretty simple just dumping the photos I have in Facebook.

So, if you're on Facebook, join our Facebook Group and enjoy the photos. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait until I have the time to post them onto our webpage.

Fortunately, you can see photos from last year's Kinus still on our webpage. Of course, since the Kinus just keeps on getting better year after year, those last year photos just don't hold up a candle to this year's photos. However, if you haven't joined our Facebook group, they'll have to do.


2015 Kinus Application Print E-mail

Kinus registration is closed for this year, but we'd love to see you next year!

Directions to the Kinus Print E-mail

For Those without GPS

  1. Route 80 West to Exit 12, bear right off the exit.
  2. Follow signs to Blairstown, Turn left on Rt. 94 South.
  3. At the first traffic light, make a right, continue straight and up hill.
  4. At stop sign make a sharp right turn then a left turn onto Millbrook Rd.
  5. Continuing on Millbrook Rd for approximately 4.5 miles, watch for signs to YMCA Camp Mason; turn right onto Birch Ridge Rd.
  6. Pass Camp Mason and turn left onto Shannon Rd.
  7. Continuing on Shannon Rd, watch for a lake on the right side; after the lake make sharp left onto Sand Pond Rd.
  8. Camp entrance will be right.

GPS Directions

The address for the camp is either 11 Sand Pond Road, Hardwick NJ (the actual location) or 11 Sand Pond Road, Blairstown NJ. Be careful because a few GPS systems haven't realized that the western side of Sand Pond Road has been closed for almost 30 years. The first step is a doozy.

However, Google Maps (on iPhones and Android Phones), Apple Maps (the default map application on the iPhone), or Bing Maps (the default Map on Windows Phone) will give you the correct directions, and will even tell you the right turn into the camp. Use the location 11 Sand Pond Road, Hardwick NJ.