Directions to the Kinus Print E-mail

For Those without GPS

  1. Route 80 West to Exit 12, bear right off the exit.
  2. Follow signs to Blairstown, Turn left on Rt. 94 South.
  3. At the first traffic light, make a right, continue straight and up hill.
  4. At stop sign make a sharp right turn then a left turn onto Millbrook Rd.
  5. Continuing on Millbrook Rd for approximately 4.5 miles, watch for signs to YMCA Camp Mason; turn right onto Birch Ridge Rd.
  6. Pass Camp Mason and turn left onto Shannon Rd.
  7. Continuing on Shannon Rd, watch for a lake on the right side; after the lake make sharp left onto Sand Pond Rd.
  8. Camp entrance will be right.

GPS Directions

The address for the camp is either 11 Sand Pond Road, Hardwick NJ (the actual location) or 11 Sand Pond Road, Blairstown NJ. Be careful because a few GPS systems haven't realized that the western side of Sand Pond Road has been closed for almost 30 years. The first step is a doozy.

However, Google Maps (on iPhones and Android Phones), Apple Maps (the default map application on the iPhone), or Bing Maps (the default Map on Windows Phone) will give you the correct directions, and will even tell you the right turn into the camp. Use the location 11 Sand Pond Road, Hardwick NJ.