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Ben and Moshe Hamming It Up Before the Camera

Why should you be on Facebook? That's a good question. One answer might be in order to see the latest set of photos from the Boy Scout Kinus. I haven't had time to put the photos on our webpage. That takes a lot of editing. I have to reduce the picture sizes, and once I do that, I do some cropping and adjusting the lighting. But, it was pretty simple just dumping the photos I have in Facebook.

So, if you're on Facebook, join our Facebook Group and enjoy the photos. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait until I have the time to post them onto our webpage.

Fortunately, you can see photos from last year's Kinus still on our webpage. Of course, since the Kinus just keeps on getting better year after year, those last year photos just don't hold up a candle to this year's photos. However, if you haven't joined our Facebook group, they'll have to do.