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It's Coming Back!
It's Coming Back!


That's right! The Kinus is coming back, and it's our 40th year. Every year, Jewish Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from all over the Northeast, all over the nation, and even from all over the world (Hey! Canada is technically a foreign country) gather each year to join us in the New Jersey Kinus.

And, each and every year, all of those Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have the time of their lives as they enjoy the great outdoors. Last year, they learned about photography, computers, chemistry, folklore, art, pioneering, journalism, aviation, astronomy, and over three dozen different sessions. They went hiking over the Appalachian Trail, learned to build a camp fire, shot bow and arrows, fired guns, and even did some first aid (not related to the previous activities).

Not a camper? It doesn't matter. We're here to help smooth out your roughing it experience. We provide delicious meals, relaxing activities, and great camaraderie. Relax by the pond, listen to the birds, even take a nice Shabbat snooze. But, don't miss the fun.

If you missed out on all the fun at last year's Kinus, just take a look at our gallery and our Facebook page and see what you missed.

Register now, and come May, we'll see you there.