Thank you 2015 Print E-mail

Another year, and another Kinus. We had a wonderful time, and we hope you did, too.

I'd like to take the time to thank all the people who made it possible:

  • The Kinus Committee, who sat there and planned the whole thing for months and months. They spent hundreds of hours to make this year's Kinus so great.
  • The kitchen staff. Their work started weeks before the Kinusim. They had to buy, prepare, and transport the food to Camp Nobebosco. Then, instead of enjoying all the activities, they spent their whole time preparing one meal after another. As we were chowing down breakfast, they were busy working on lunch. When we gobbled down lunch, they got started with supper preparations. During supper, they were busy slicing bagels and preparing cream cheese for the next day's breakfast. And each and every one was a volunteer.
  • The parents and other adults who lent us their expertise to help lead the various sessions.
  • The older Scouts who spent their time teaching the younger scouts the skills they need.
  • All the other Scouts whose thorough enjoyment made the whole thing worthwhile. Plus, they helped us get rid of all that food.

Thanks everyone for attending. Hope to see you next year. Meanwhile, the Kinus committee is already starting to plan the 2016 Kinus. Since Shavuot won't be on Memorial Day weekend, we're aiming for Memorial Day weekend next year.  (When that's official, we'll let you know.) See you there, if not before!

The New Jersey Kinus Print E-mail

Get in Touch with Your Inner Wild Man


There is no place on earth that's more fun than the New Jersey Kinus. Every Year Jewish Scouts from all over the universe (I don't know whether there were non-earthlings at the Kinus, but the time we had last year was out of this world) gather in the wilds of Northeast New Jersey and get ready to have the time of their lives.

At the Kinus, these kids do such scouty things as archery, hiking, plant identification, computers... Computers? Yes, the kids can enjoy such sessions as Astronomy, Chemistry, Aviation as well as more traditional activities. Meanwhile, the parents can relax in the beauty of bucolic New Jersey (betcha you'd never thought you'd see the words beauty and bucolic and New Jersey in the same sentence). They can also join in with the campers on hikes, sessions, or attend several Jewish learning sessions over Shabbat.

Yes, I know, you're not a camper. To you, The Great Outdoors means bug spray and no place to get a decent bagel. But look at that guy. That could be you having the most fun you've ever had since that college party you attended back in... was it that long ago? Gee, maybe you need to unwind a bit and let your hair down.

We provide the wonderful setting, the delicious kosher meals, the great camaraderie, and even both Orthodox and Egalitarian services throughout the entire Kinus. You provide yourself and a readiness for fun.

Register now, and come May, we'll see you there.