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Friends For Life
Friends for Life

Where do great childhood memories come from? They come from doing something that's fun, but challenging. Something where you meet people who leave a lasting impression on you. That's what the New Jersey Kinus is all about.

Every year, hundreds of kids and their parents come to the New Jersey Kinus. They come from all over the Northeast and beyond. They come here to learn about camping, the beauty of the outdoors, and the dozens of fun sessions that we offered for the past 39 years. Last year, we gave sessions on computers, astronomy, folklore, and photography to name just a few. We led the kids on hikes up mountains and over hills. We taught them how to shoot a bow and arrow. And without the kids realizing it, we taught them respect and good citizenship.

And their parents? They enjoyed the camaraderie of the other adults who wanted to see their kids have fun and grow. They enjoyed the sessions of Jewish learning that we provided on Shabbat. They also enjoyed participating in the camping and doing the same sessions their kids enjoyed.

And, you don't have to know your woodsy lore. That's our job. We're here to make your Kinus experience pleasant. We provide kosher meals and Orthodox and Egalitarian services throughout the entire Kinus. Enjoy walking through the woods, staying up late to look at the stars through a telescope, or simply take in the peaceful atmosphere for a nice Shabbat nap.

Register now, and come May, we'll see you there.